Fresh Local Coffee Shop

Grab a fresh cup of coffee on your commute across from the Merrick station.

A new Hard Bean location is now in Merrick NY

The rich flavors and global sources of Hard Bean Coffee are available to you! This new coffee shop in Merrick NY serves freshly brewed coffee from around the world with the Hard Bean name. Stop by to try a hot cup of coffee, or if you need to cool down try an iced coffee.

Hard Bean's special 8 bean blend (3, 4, & 6 oz. shots)
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Espresso with steamed and foamed milk
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Espresso with steamed and foamed milk
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

A latte with skim milk
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

A skinny latte with decaf espresso
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Hard Bean's special dark roast or flavored coffee with steamed milk
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Cappuccino with chocolate syrup
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Made from Hard Bean's famous 8 bean espresso blend
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Egg Sandwiches

Bacon, Egg & Cheese
Ham, Egg & Cheese
Roast Beef, Egg & Cheese
Egg & Cheese
* Bread Options: Croissant, Kaiser Roll, Multi-Grain

Steel-Cut Hot Oatmeal

Choose 3 Toppings:
Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Granola
Almonds, Blueberries, Apple, Raisins

Western Frittata

Ham, Onions, Peppers
Topped with Choice of Cheese: Swiss or Cheddar

Select origins estate grown coffee
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced Magnum


Our cafe's roaster fresh coffee with a shot of espresso
Tall,Grande, Magnum, Iced Magnum

Steamed half & half with chocolate or flavored syrup - or try it iced
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Imported exotic teas & herbal teas
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Made with organic fruit or classic flavors
Iced Magnum

Dairy fresh cream and milk, sparkling water, and flavors
Iced Magnum

Vanilla ice cream with Hard Bean's special blend of coffee & flavorings
Iced Magnum

Classic or organic fruit & vegetable blend smoothies
Iced Magnum

An ancient Asian spiced tea drink served hot or cold
Tall, Grande, Magnum, Iced

Lunch Sandwiches

The Smith St.: Roast Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Cranberry mayo with tomatoes & mixed greens
The Bedford: Roast beef, cheddar cheese, basil mayo with tomatoes & mixed greens
The City Ave: Chicken salad with sliced apples & mixed greens
The Fisher Ave: Tuna salad, sliced onions & mixed greens
Side: Chips or Fruit

House Salads

The Elliot: Mixed greens, tomatoes, feta cheese, almonds & strawberries
The Commonwealth: Mixed greens topped with roast turkey, roast beef & swiss cheese
The Abby: Mixed greens topped with chicken salad or tuna salad

Trust the Hard Bean Flavor

Hard Bean Coffee Beans are sourced from all over the world: Africa, South America, Asia, & More. These flavorful coffee beans fuel Hard Bean Coffee Merrick in bringing a refreshing coffee shop experience to the Merrick community. Meet up with your friends over hot lattes. Bring freshly brewed coffee and tea to your next office meeting to give everyone a boost of energy. Stop by on a lunch break for a mocha and baked goods.

Such a wonderful spot! Just stopped in this morning and will definitely be back often. Almond danish was excellent and staff is so… Read more “Symphony Hyden”

Symphony Hyden

Congratulations to your opening and I wish you success in your business. A beautiful Coffee Shop with a wonderful cup of coffee. Thank you for a great… Read more “Ivo Pellei”

Ivo Pellei

I am so glad Merrick finally has a great, locally owned coffee shop! I had a vanilla iced latte with oat milk and it is obvious that the espresso is high quality. We also got a tea and they are individually bagged per order, which… Read more “Dana Reilly”

Dana Reilly

I’ve been to Hard Bean twice and I loved it. I had their cafe au lait and an iced lavender latte and I found it to be quite delicious. The staff is always so attentive and polite. The cafe also has a nice rustic aesthetic… Read more “Connie Koo”

Connie Koo

My latte was amazing and the service… Read more “Kanessa Ramdeo”

Kanessa Ramdeo

Been there numerous times so far. Tried several different coffees, and they were all… Read more “Niel”


Not sure how long this place has been open because we’re not in Merrick a lot but it’s a gem for true coffee lovers. My mocha was anchored in the taste of REAL, sturdy espresso, and balanced with a fresh lemon bar. Sis had an… Read more “S. Roma Hora”

S. Roma Hora

Love this coffee spot. My husband and I go to grab coffee or tea before jumping on the train. Super friendly. They have unique specials and flavors, and pastry options… Read more “Rosa Goglas”

Rosa Goglas

We'd love to hear about your experience!

We want you to have a pleasant and comfortable time at our coffee shop. If you have and questions, concerns, or want to let us know about your visit, please fill out this form.

You can also reach out to us via phone.

Phone: 631.304.6647

Address: Across from the Merrick station
15 Merrick Ave
Merrick, N.Y. 11566

Stop by for a taste!

Whether you're curious about our coffee flavor, need a quick bite to eat during the work day, or are visiting the area, Hard Bean Coffee Merrick has its doors open for you.


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